Why Freshpipes?

The Fresh Pipes M1 is a revolutionary product made for the smoking industry. It can be concealed virtually anywhere on a person making it not only incredibly stealth, but arguably the most portable and lightest smokable pipe ever made. When unused it even passes any security check with ease. Although all of us at Fresh Pipes are proud of these achievements in design and manufacturing our environmental impact, or lack there of is also worth mentioning.
We source our paper only from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved companies and demanded that it was also made from 100% Post Consumer Waste (PCW). What we ended up with was a paper that is made from 100% PCW and FSC certified, we then went the extra mile. All of the PCW that our paper is made from originated from a FSC approved product as well. We carry the torch and operate with a zero waste process. This premium paper is paired with the smallest environmental impact possible. This is a focal point of our ideal, that quality starts from within.
In fact it’s this quality from within that makes us, well US. All of our employees are investors and their sleeves have been rolled up since day one. We’re designers, carpenters, artists, engineers and craftsman. Each order is handmade and we offer personalized service if needed, we are dedicated to bringing you innovative, useful and fun products. Be Fresh. Relax. Adventure on.
Team Fresh
Here are some other reasons to pack some Fresh Pipes

  • Zero cleaning
  • Hygenic
  • Filters debris
  • Smooth draw
  • Faster than rolling
  • Won’t clog