Fresh Pipes M1 (100 count)

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Fresh Pipes M1




The M1 (Model 1) is the perfect accessory for any tobacco or herbal smoker. Being slightly smaller than a credit card and a weight equal to a small humming bird this feather-light pipe also has a strong side. Due to the density of the high quality handmade paper* and a little math, the M1 can be reused for an average of 5-7 times of casual smoking. Pair these unique features with a precise laser cut design and the result is a debris free smooth draw from this on-the-go and go anywhere pipe, it passes all security checks as well! When you are finished simply drop into any recycling bin. The M1 is made from 100% post consumer waste (PCW) and is void of metals and harsh chemicals commonly found in the manufacturing process. We’ll see you after work, on the deck, in the park, on the boat, at a concert, on the trail, while fishing, around the fire…


Size: 3.375″X2″x.035″/8.5725cmX5.08cmX0.0889cm

Weight: .09oz/2.5g

Ignition temperature: 451°F/232.78°C

Ink used is non-toxic soy or water based

Adhesive tissue is non-toxic and acid free

Additional Info

*Our paper is handmade in Germany and contains only 100% PCW and approved by the Forrest Stewardship Council (FSC). Please recycle.

Orders are handled in a Latex free environment.

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