Made of PAPER!? Fire hazard?

Our products will not ignite like traditional paper due to the thickness and density. It is normal to have charring in the basin after the first use.

Are these really safe to use?

They are! We use a high quality handmade paper with a non-toxic binder, void of metals and other harsh additives commonly found in papers. We also use non-toxic soy ink in our printing process.

How long does each Fresh Pipe last?

Generally, each Fresh Pipe is good for an average of 5-7 uses of casual smoking.

There isn’t a rush?

Our design doesn’t require one, we have placed small holes within one of the basin walls to act in place of the common left or right mounted holes. Which Provides a smooth draw for the user. This makes our product easier to use for all of our customers.

Make it yours.

Did you know that you can customize this card, click here to learn more.

Can I print an entire Fresh Pipe?

Not exactly. There are two no print zones. The center “flaps” towards the center of the card make up the basin walls and we leave them blank to prevent any unwanted taste that the ink may cause. The second area that is reserved as a no print zone is on the open end where the user inhales from. This is left blank for the same reason.